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Core Aeration is a non-chemical process that directs oxygen, water and nutrients to the turf’s root zone by removing small soil plugs about the size of your thumb.

Turf Conditioning Services have a wide range of aerators to suit all surfaces. Tines available range from hollow or solid and mini diameters to ¾”. Our pedestrian Toro 648 corers and tractor mounted Toro 848 pro corers finish all jobs in a timely period.

Improves Air Exchange Between Soil & Atmosphere

Reduces Soil Compaction

Enhances Soil Water Uptake & Use

Reduces Water Runoff & Puddling

Improves Turf Grass Rooting

Improves Fertilizer Uptake & Use

Enhances Thatch Breakdown

Enhances Heat & Drought Stress Tolerance

Improves Resiliency & Cushioning

Helps Conserve Water