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Specialising in Turf ServicingTurf Renovations, Turf Maintenance and Consultancy, the family owned & operated business have been exceeding customer expectations for over 35 Years. Armed with the latest machinery and the friendly expertise of owner/operator Greg Whiteley and his team, Turf Conditioning Services are fully equipped to handle any job or project requirements.

Golf Course Greens, Surrounds, Tees & Fairways

Sports Fields

School Areas

Bowling Greens & Croquet Courts

Parklands & Recreational Areas

Our Services

Core Aeration

Reduces compaction, improves drainage and brings your turf back to full health.

Core Harvesting

Have your turf ready to use with the collection & removal of all the plugs from the Aeration process.


Improves and promotes the best quality soil structure for deeper roots & less compaction.

Top Dressing

Fill gaps and holes, reduce thatch and increase nutrient retention & pest resistance.


Clear away accumulated thatch and improve water, air and fertiliser penetration.


Oversowing, excavation, fertilizer spreading & a turf tracked skidster.


WH&S Compliant Policy

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TCS are a Compliant Contractor for SAM 4 SCHOOLS