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Verti-draining punches holes in the turf to allow oxygen to get into the subsoil. This breaks up the thatch and allows the greens to drain properly.

Turf Conditioning Services has within its range a variety of verti-drains with the ability to verti-drain golf greens, bowling greens and sports grounds. We have verti-drains that can renovate large areas as well as small confined sites. Tines are 8mm to 18mm solid to a depth of 8 – 10”.

Improves Air Exchange Between Soil & Atmosphere

Reduces Soil Compaction

Enhances Soil Water Uptake & Use

Reduces Water Runoff & Puddling

Improves Turf Grass Rooting

Improves Fertilizer Uptake & Use

Enhances Thatch Breakdown

Enhances Heat & Drought Stress Tolerance

Improves Resiliency & Cushioning

Helps Conserve Water